"Everyone has a right to know the truth about Jesus Christ... That's not just what Young Life is all about, that's all that Young Life is about."  Jim Rayburn

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Fun. Friends. Faith! That's what Young Life Ross County is all about.  From club to Campaigners to weekend or week-long camp trips, we give teenagers a safe, fun, welcoming atmosphere where they can hear about Jesus.  We give them a place to belong!

Young Life is a world-class organization for adolescents.  Our staff and volunteers enter the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them - fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance.  In doing so, we earn the privilege of talking to them about the one thing we think matters most of all - the truth about Jesus Christ and His love for them.

Young Life seeks to carry the message of Jesus Christ into that tumultuous tide and points teenagers toward life as they were created to live it.  Since 1941, the dynamic that has characterized Young Life is its commitment to relationships - Young Life leaders meeting kids on their turf in the interest of friendship.  As leaders get to know teenagers, they are able to share the love of Jesus Christ through platforms like Young Life club, Campaigners and trips to camp.

Lake Champion, NY - July 2016

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Got the Tuesday-Wish-I-Had-Some-BBQ-Blues? Seven Miles Smokehouse has some great food that benefits Young Life Ross County!
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